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& Didier Leboutte


AnaBuilder is free software intended for private and non commercial use. Thank you to consult me directly for any other use.

Make an encouraging donation

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I thank the generous donors (I was the first surprised one <:o))) and all the people who encouraged me, assisted, advised, suggested, so that this software becomes what it is already today. To only quote the most dynamic persons, but without forgetting the others : Didier, Pierre, Bruno, Yannick, Jacques, Alain, Daniel, etc. Each exchange with them is a new moment of pleasure.

Many thanks to
    Frans Van de Poel for its Dutch translation of the whole manual and the interface, and for its contribution to the English one.
    Christian Lirondière for its Spanish translation of the interface.
    Eugene Kingdon for its contribution to the English translation, to make it more accurate.
    Jacek Gancarson for the Polish translation of the inteface
    Jan Rubinowicz for the latest update of the Polish translation and the full German translation of the inteface.
    Ingo Kohwagner for his nice new transparent buttons.
    Toni Pandolo for the full Italian translation of the inteface and of the tutorial.
    Christoph Korsmeier for the improvement of the German translation and the full translation of the tutorial.
    Docteur Christophe for the improvement of the Spanish translation and the full translation of the tutorial..

Many thanks to the inventors of the Analux-3D method that is included in AnaBuilder : Dr. Imre Zsolnai-Nagy and Bernardo Galmarini
Many thanks to Yannick Le Guilcher for the wonderful Aztek forums !
Many thanks to Neil Mooney, I have improved his JPEG Browser to build AnaBuilder's one.
Many thanks to Robert W. Harder for his nice drap&drop library
Other particular thanks on the pages of this site, en especially here.

Important notice about patents

AnaBuilder is delivered on the french web where it isn't covered by a known patent. Some AnaBuilder's features may be covered by possible patents in other countries. Users must check that they received all rights from these possible patenters. Otherwise, they will use AnaBuilder is at their own risks.

Automatic installers

Automatic installers are heavier to download than a manual installation, but manage all for you.
IMPORTANT FOR MAC OS X : someone reported that AnaBuilder's launcher is not working properly when placed in a directory with a name containing a space. Put AnaBuilder application in a folder name "/OnMyDisk/AlbertDupond/" rather than "/On My Disk/Albert Dupond/"

For other machines, ask me...

The software, the documentation and optional extensions can now be updated automatically from the software.

Manual installation

1) Create a place

Create a directory AnaBuilder on your disk. For example, under windows :
    C:/Program Files/AnaBuilder

In the following explanations, this directory will be named [AnaBuilder]

2) Installation or update of the 2.X.X Multi-Platform version

Download and install once and for all:
Download the Java archive (1360K).
Uncompress the file in the directory [AnaBuilder].
Double click on the launcher AnaBuilder.bat under Windows, runMacOsX.command under Mac Os X. Under Unix / Linux, open a terminal, do cd commands to go to the directory [AnaBuilder] and enter the command sh

3) Installation or update of the documentation and optional features

Launch AnaBuilder and use "AutoUpdate" menu.

You can also try the older Windows-only version

Installation instructions...