Noise Reducer
(last update : 02/11/2003)

& Didier Leboutte

How to

- launch AnaBuilder and open a single "left" image
- click the menu "Tools/Noise Reducer"
- click the button "Apply", then "Save"
- you can try to tune the filter to make it a bit more strong or light.

The default values are set to reduce very low noise : low intensity and high edges preservation.
Edges preservation is to be though as a correction of other parameters effect. So, it has to be tuned rather at end.
The best to do is :
- before all, reduce the edges preservation to a lower value, for example 0.5,
- tune all other parameters
- tune the edges preservation to a higher value only at end

Few tips

- if you have a big image, you can make fast tries by selecting a small part before applying. Then, when the tuning is good, unselect the small part.
- if you want to compare the 2 images, reload the saved filtered image as right and then ask for alternate view. You can then zoom in.. Only the left image is used for the filtering, you then can make an other try..